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If finding a good boat rental in Menorca is more complicated than reciting a poem underwater. Be calm, we are your diving suit.

☀️ Free cancellation due to bad weather. (Adverse weather conditions)

☀️The modern ship fleet

☀️100% Menorcan company

☀️No commissions or extra costs.

☀️ PERFECT boats. We are mechanical experts renting boats

☀️ We advise your route and dangers.

Avoid surprises and book your rental boat with Menorca Yachts Charter.

Are you looking for the peace of the Mediterranean?

You are probably looking for a boat rental in Menorca for your holidays and I do not have to convince you that Menorca is a unique island in the Balearic archipelago, which surprises with its crystal clear waters, its hypnotic, wild landscape, with reddish tones and spectacular cliffs on the north coast or the paradisiacal beaches of the south and its white sand, postcard setting…in short. Menorca is not the unknown of the Balearic Islands for you.

Do you want to spend a day with your family? And tell your children: “Where the captain rules, the sailor doesn’t rule.”

Whatever you are looking for, sailing by boat around Menorca, declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1993, could help you spend unforgettable holidays with family or friends.

Our charter boats for 2023​

MY V · 【2023】

From 550Requires PNB o PER | Port Mahón
Everything included in the price, except fuel
Length: 8.9m | Beam: 3.2m | Capacity: 10 people | Engine: 350hp


Ginjol II ·
Llaüt menorquin

From 999€ | Captain included | Port Mahón 
Everything included in the price, except fuel
Length: 11,85m | Beam: 3,9 m | Capacity: 12 people | Engine: 2x 260hp 


TUCANA IV · 【2022】

From 550 | Requires PNB o PER | Port Mahón
Everything included in the price, except fuel
Length: 8.9m | Beam: 3.2m | Capacity: 10 people | Engine: 350hp


MY IV · 【2023】
Rental boat INVICTUS 270 FX

From 320 | Requires PNB o PER | Port Mahón
Everything included in the price, except fuel
Length: 8.5m | Beam: 3.2m | Capacity: 10 people | Engine: 300hp


LENI · 【2022】

From 200€ | Requires TITULIN | Port Mahón
Everything included in the price, except fuel
Length: 6m | Beam: 2.4m | Capacity: 8 people | Engine: 115hp



From 350€ | Requires PNB O PER | Port Mahón
Everything included in the price, except fuel
Length: 7.8m | Beam: 2.8m | Capacity: 11 people | Engine: 250hp


Barco GIRBAU G28 【2023】

From 500€ | Requires PNB O PER | Port Mahón
Everything included in the price, except fuel
Length: 8.6m | Beam: 3.2m | Capacity: 12 people | Engine: 250hp


Semirrígida CAPELLI TEMPEST 775

From 350 | Requires PNB o PER | Port Mahón
Everything included in the price, except fuel
Length: 8.11m | Beam: 2.94m | Capacity: 12 people | Engine: 250hp


Straight to the point! We offer you to rent a boat in Menorca type boat, Llaüt and semi-rigid, with or without skipper.

The rental boats at Menorca Yachts Charter are located in Maó, in the marshes located right in front of our office at Moll de Llevant, 189.

We have different types of rental boats: Motorboats in Menorca, Menorcan Llaüts and zodiac-type semi-rigids, with which to navigate Menorca.

You can rent all our boats with or without skipper. If you want to go on your own, you always need some kind of degree, GNP or PER. Although if you do not have the qualification, do not worry, we have experienced skippers on staff to be able to carry out the boat trip along the north or south coast, with complete peace of mind.

Choose the boat according to your preferences. Take into account the number of crew, days of navigation, route and availability. We willl take care of the rest. Our goal is to make your vacation incredible and enjoy it to the fullest sailing along the coast of Menorca.


You have found your boat rental company. It's time to relax.

You have found the 100% Menorcan company, Menorca Yachts Charter, with excellent quality rental boats, a team with extensive experience navigating the waters of Menorca and with rental and service prices that are difficult to beat. It is ugly that we say so but the boats are very good.

Ah… And also without intermediaries. We work with our own boats, professional skippers always available and Luis, official mechanic on staff… which guarantees boats in perfect condition.

100% Menorcan company

Modern ship fleet

Without intermediaries

Demanding in quality and service

What do you think of our rental service?

We are not superheroes, nor do we have members of the A team. But we take preventive measures so that the experience of renting a boat in Menorca is perfect. We love that plans go well.

Unos auténticos profesionales. La barca, en perfectas condiciones de limpieza y mecánica, y ellos super amables. Volveremos sin duda alguna.
El barco como nuevo, completo con todo lujo de detalles para sentirte como en tu propio barco. El trato del personal francamente bueno e incluso respondieron de manera muy profesional con un percance. Recomendable. ————————— The ship like new, full equipe to feel like yours. The staff really friendly and professional. Nice really recommended!!
Alejandro Garcia Alonso
Alejandro Garcia Alonso
Experiencia increíble, muy buen trato por parte de Luis y el resto de personal. Recomendable 100%
tomas marino
tomas marino
Recomendable 100 % La lancha estaba nueva e impecable. He alquilado barcos en ibiza, formentera, mallorca, menorca y de lejos los mejore son Menorca Yatch Charters. El trato espectacular desde el primer día. Da gusto que existan profesionales así. Gracias Luís & CO 🙂
Israel herrera serrano
Israel herrera serrano
TOP 10!!!, el responsable Luis es un claro ejemplo de orientación empresarial hacia el cliente, trato exquisito, muy resolutivo y atento. Eric nuestro patrón por este día, TOP 12!!!, nos llevo a sitios increíbles, nos explico todo, muy atento y pendiente de los detalles. Lo recomiendo al 100%. Sin duda repetiré las veces que pueda.
javier benito
javier benito
Experiencia perfecta. Seriedad, garantía, y servicio de diez! Barcos nuevos con una atención genial. Totalmente recomendable.
Lancha espectacular, funcionaba todo perfectamente y nos atendieron de maravilla. Muy, muy recomendable.
Ramón Polvorosa
Ramón Polvorosa
Un servicio fenomenal. La nave nueva, muy limpia y en buen estado. Horas de alquiler de sobra, puedes salir a las 9:00 y volver a las 20:00 cuando en otras compañías hay que terminar a las 19:00. Repetiré sin duda.
José Polvorosa del Campo
José Polvorosa del Campo
El servicio fenomenal, la nave muy limpia y en buen estado. Y que además había muchas horas de alquiler que nos dejaban volver a las ocho cuando en otras compañías hay que terminar a las siete

Links of interest if you are going to navigate Menorca


The Boating application is essential to sail in Menorca if you do not know

Check the weather and choose the best navigation route.


Hours of the gas station in the port of Mahón.

The important thing before renting a boat in Menorca. It is knowing what is really important.


✅ Verify rental prices.
✅ State of the boats.
✅ License and navigation requirements.
✅ Availability.
✅ Security. Emergency plan and meteorology.
✅ Boat rental days


About our boat rental prices at Menorca Yachts Charter.

Let me tell you an anecdote first.
One day I asked my gynecologist and friend. Why not get a vasectomy for social security? His response stuck with me: “Tranquility is paid for.”
Expensive or cheap is very relative. If you pay little to rent a boat, but it leaves you stranded in the middle of the sea, it’s not so cheap anymore, hey!

At Menorca Yacht Charter, we value and take responsibility for our work. For this reason, we comply with demanding annual reviews, pre-wintering and start-up, so that everything is in perfect condition at the beginning of the season. This way we avoid 99% of possible breakdowns, because if there was something in bad condition, we have detected and repaired it.

For the 1% unforeseen or surprises, we have a plan that will give you peace of mind. Our professional team of mechanics is available 24 hours a day and we respond quickly to any situation.

No fine print, no mandatory rental fees.

The price you will pay is the same as that shown on the web. You just have to know that the boats are delivered with a full tank and must be returned full. There is a gas station in the port of Maó, where you must fill up the tank before returning the boat.

The rental price includes third party insurance.

With us, the cleaning of the boat is included in the price.

Between €500 and €1,500 will be withheld from the credit card, depending on the vessel, as a deposit. And 100% will be refunded on the return of the boat. As long as everything is ok.

Status of charter boats

We do not want to be repetitive, but you should know that first we are mechanics, with our own workshop in the port of Maó. And then we dedicated ourselves to boat rental.

We are Menorca Yacht and we offer technical service to our clients on the island, some from the port of Maó, others in the port of Ciutadella, Fornells, Cala’n Bosch or Cala Galdana. Later we dedicated ourselves to the rental of boats in Menorca through our company, Menorca Yacht Charter, located in Maó and we market through the web So, we can assure you that our boats are always in perfect condition and you don’t have to worry about anything.

✅ Mechanical reviews up to date. ✅ Inspections between services. ✅ Insurance to third parties. ✅ Full fuel tank. ✅ Full water tank. ✅ Sun protection awnings. ✅ Guaranteed cleaning.
Tell us about your concerns.​

License and sailing requirements with, with or without skipper.​

If you don’t have a license, it’s not a problem. You can do the boat trip with skipper. We have two sea lions on the team, very professional and experienced in Menorcan waters.

If you prefer to go on your own without a skipper, we think it’s fantastic. We will advise you, we study the weather forecast and if everything is fine, you set sail to enjoy.

To rent one of our boats without a skipper, it is an essential requirement to have a PER or PNB license, depending on the type of boat.


Availability of rental boats in Menorca. ​

Secure your rental reservation in advance. In Menorca the boats fly, they don’t sail.

Perhaps in the rest of the Balearic Islands you can find a rental boat, reserving at the last minute. But in Menorca, if you want a boat for June, July or August, leaving it for the last minute is not a good idea. You have to run a championship carom, to find an available boat, at the last minute.

Our recommendation: if you see the boat you like, don’t fall asleep. Book as soon as possible.

If the boat you want is not in the port from which you would like to sail, we give you the possibility of delivering the boat to another port. Consult conditions of service.


Menorca emergency plan and weather conditions​

The Mediterranean Sea, the orientation of the port of Maó and the climate in Menorca are perfect for safe nautical practice during the summer months. Although if any unforeseen event occurs, all our boats are geolocated and with radio equipment connected to our headquarters. safety first.

It is difficult to know the weather well in advance, but you should know that the summers in Menorca are very stable, they are dry and hot.

According to statistics, based on data collected over the past 30 years. In Menorca it rains a total of 5 days during the months of June (2), July (1) and August (2). Therefore, you have very little chance of encountering a bad day during the summer in Menorca.

How many days can I rent the boat at Menorca Yachts Charter?

Rent the boat for 1, 2, or 3 days… a whole week or the entire period of your vacation in Menorca.

At Menorca Yachts Charter, you have the possibility of renting the boat for days or weeks. Although through the website it is only allowed to book for days, due to limitations of the current booking engine. If you want to book more than one day, just call us or write us, by mail or WhatsApp and tell us your needs. We’d love to hear them!

In addition, we improve the price if you book more than one day.

Conditions of the rental service

The price you will pay is the same as that shown on the web. You just have to know that the boats are delivered with a full tank and must be returned full. There is a gas station in the port of Maó, where you must fill up the tank before returning the boat.

The rental price includes third party insurance.

With us, the cleaning of the boat is included in the price.

Between €500 and €1,500 will be withheld from the credit card, depending on the vessel, as a deposit. And 100% will be refunded on the return of the boat. As long as everything is ok.


In case of adverse weather conditions, 100% of the amount will be refunded. It would miss more! We look for another day to make the boat trip, as long as we have availability of the boat during your holidays in Menorca.
I don’t think it happens. But if it happens, what can happen, because we are not superheroes either. We dealt with the problem instantly with Luis, our team’s mechanic. And if it is not solved, we change the ship for another one that is available, equal or better. In the worst case, if we don’t have a replacement boat. We look for another day or we simply refund the amount. What you prefer.
Not in the price. All boats are delivered with a full tank and must be returned full.
Departure: flexible schedule from 9am
Return: 7:00 p.m. (Except July and August 8:00 p.m.)
A payment of 35% will be made when making the reservation and the remaining 65% upon delivery of the boat. The deposit and cost of the contracted extras must also be deposited on the same day of delivery.
You’re free. And 100% will be refunded if you cancel before 15 days from the day of the reservation. If there are less than 15 days left, we will only refund 100% if we have been able to reserve the boat for someone else.
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